Saturday, 12 October 2013


This Temple in South India,is a store house of fine architecture.Built by the Raja Raja Chola King in 12th Century
this architecture has been recognised by UNESCO as
World Herittage Monument.

The temple has been built as a chariot drawn by horses.
It is also seen that this architecture is an inspiration to Konark  Sun Temple (in Orissa Northern India) of 13th Century.

Viswakarma Shilpis(sculptors) of that golden periods have left this historical imprints, supported/sponsored by the
great kings of those regions/kingdoms.

Seeing these architectures one would be driven  to wonder as to how it could have happened with stones with small small chisels.

 Totally inspired by the temple architecture I worked
with pen to bring about the scene in white paper.\

Saturday, 5 October 2013


A beautiful statue of a woman found in Sri Rangam Temple
in South India.

The statue has been chiselled out with all aesthetic sense as one can see how the woman beautifies her face with Thilak ( a sacred mark on the fore-head with kum kum a safron paste/powder) with one hand simultaneously holding in the other hand a mirror to view how the Thilak is applied.

See, how nicely the sculptor (the viswakarma Shilbi)
has brought out in stone, the ornaments wearing on her waist,hand,chest,

Equally the drapery hanging from the shoulder shows the
design work in the cloth.

The treasures of beautiful statues are seen in many temples in India.

Inspired by the human architecture left to the world by our fore-fathers I drew this picture with millions of dots emanating to shades and light.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Gangaikonda Cholapuram Temple Tamilnadu India 1044 AD


This temple was built by Rajendra Chola the Tamil king (11th Century)

He is the brother of Raja Raja Chola who built the Thanjavoor Big Temple.

The huge Bull (religiously known as Nandhi) seen in front of the

Temple has been built with brick stones and morter.

The Nandhi is facing the God (Lord Shiva) inside the sanctum.

The sky light obsorbed by the Nandhi(the Bull) emitted

so that it falls on the God.